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POKE Vocational College

Stop dreaming. Make it happen.

A modern and versatile vocational college in Northern Central Finland.

POKE Vocational College

We offer the best paths to your future, whether it be towards a professional degree or continuing education.

Students receive personal study guidance and we believe in learning by doing. The students individual needs are taken into consideration, and we also customize training for companies. Our graduates are in demand in the workplaces of Central Finland.

The language of instruction at our school is Finnish and therefore we offer vocational qualifications in Finnish only. You are welcome to apply for a study place if you can speak Finnish well enough to be able to follow lessons in Finnish.

We educate professionals in the following fields:

  • Business and administration
  • Natural Sciences
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Service Industry
  • Technology
  • Health and Welfare
  • Information and Communication Technologies

We operate in 13 municipalities in Northern Central Finland.

We have facilities in Äänekoski, Saarijärvi, Viitasaari and Laukaa, and we provide instruction throughout the Northern Central Finland region.

Continuous admission

You can apply to POKE at any time. The schedule of your studies will be planned together. Take a look at what we offer and apply to POKE!

The Finnish Education System – Top of the class

Education in Finland is of high quality. In international comparisons, i.e. PISA, the Finnish educational system ranks at the top of the world year after year. For the most part, education is free in Finland. The aim of equality in Finnish education is to offer high quality education to all in order to become active citizens.

Stunningly beautiful nature

Even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts are fascinated with the clean and varied nature of Finland. The country is known for its unforgettable adventures with mystical northern lights, beautiful archipelagos and green forests, which cover more than 69% of the land. The unspoiled nature with 188 000 lakes, over 200 000 islands and 39 national parks leave a lasting impression.

The happiest country in the world

Finns are the happiest people in the world. The 2018 World Happiness Report reveals that Finland is the safest, most stable and best governed country in the world. Finland scores highly on income, healthy life expectancy, freedom, trust, social support and generosity.

Admission services
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We look forward to planning your future together!

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