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FutureSkills Project’s closing event

FutureSkills Project’s closing event, May 24.-26.2023

The closing event of the FutureSkills Project took place at the Painotalo in Äänekoski on May 24. Project participants and partners from India, Lebanon, Poland, and Portugal arrived in Äänekoski for the event.

Katja Huttunen, coordinator of technological education, and project worker, opened the event and welcomed everyone. The aim of the project has been to introduce young people to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, programming, robotics, and gamification. Additionally, it aimed to reshape the perception of future job opportunities and entrepreneurship and promote international cooperation while creating international networks.


Poken teknologisen koulutuksen koordinaattori ja hanketyöntekijä Katja Huttunen avasi tapahtuman ja toivotti kaikki tervetulleiksi.

The primary target group consisted of local youth, including those in the final stages of basic education, transitioning to or already studying in secondary education. The project encouraged young people to recognize their own skills and commercialize abilities learned through hobbies, for example.

Dr. Sara Abou Afash, an education expert from Lebanon, shared insights about her work in the field of learning. She presented and held a workshop on analyzing data using artificial intelligence.


Libanonilainen opetusalan tohtori Sara Abou Afash kertoi työstänsä oppimisen parissa

Pekka Ouli, Päivi Hakkarainen, Sara Abou Afash, Monica, and Namya Joshi

Pekka Ouli, Päivi Hakkarainen, Sara Abou Afash, Monica ja Namya Joshi

In the afternoon, there were various workshops

Santeri Jauhiainen and Johanna Pasanen, who had started their own entrepreneurship through the project, spoke about how the initiative encouraged them to develop their businesses and explore entrepreneurship.

/FutureSkills Project Final Seminar The FutureSkills Project’s final seminar took place at the Painotalo in Äänekoski./

Łukasz Gierek from the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom demonstrated how mobile devices can be used to scan objects or people and create virtual replicas.

Łukasz Gierek, University of Technology and Humanities in Radom

Vesa Liupakka showcased his own business. He works as a drone cameraman and content producer for Toyota’s rally team. Liupakka had just returned from Japan, where he had been filming the drifting competitions’ winner, Kalle Rovanperä.

Vesa Liupakka esittelee Sarahille dronea/Vesa Liupakka demonstrates the use of drones to Sara.

Mariusz Utkowski from Radom Technical School in Poland guided participants in exploring and trying out the popular 3D printing pen.

Evening happenings